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Hay Day for iPhone: How to get more coins and experience points

Hay Day is the new farming game for the iPhone that is taking the farming game genre by storm with a number of innovations that turn it into something that’s unlike most other games in the genre. Coins are the primary currency in the game, and they can be used to purchase just about anything you need. Gaining experience levels is a requirement in order to complete many of your purchases, as well as to build new buildings. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Getting more coins may not seem like it at first, but it is easy. There are the usual ways, such as collecting achievements and shipping out orders on the truck (or selling various goods to the computer controlled neighbor farmers who stop by), but there are far more efficient ways to make money.)

One of the best coin earners out there is the concept of using the store to sell construction equipment, which is normally used to upgrade your barn and your silo. Constructon equipment normally includes things such as planks, nails, screws, and bolts. People are willing to pay a premium for them, so sell them, one by one, in the roadside stand for high prices, such as 150 to 200 coins. You can make a huge profit this way. If you find cheap construction equipment in the store such as that listed above, buy it even if you don’t need it, and then re-sell it, one by one, at a much higher rate. Don’t enable the advertisement until you put the very last one on sale.

How do you gain more experience points? This one is a simple one as well. Completing achievements is the fastest way to do this, as is sending orders out on the truck via the bulletin board. To see what achievements you have unlocked recently, or what you have to do to unlock more achievements, click on your house and check out your achievement list. If one of your achievements has given you an award that you can collect, your house will have ribbons on top of it, so tap it to collect the reward.

Another excellent way to rack up experience points – tedious but worth it – is simply to plant and harvest as much wheat as you can in a short period of time. Each wheat crop that you harvest earns you one experience point, but with a two minute ripening time, these experience points rack up over time.


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