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Guide to Hungry Shark Evolution for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Hungry Shark Evolution is a new iOS game by Future Games of London, and is the fourth game in the long running Hungry Shark series. Like the other games in this series, you play as a shark (one of many sharks), and your goal is to eat as many sea creatures, people and other things as you can in order to earn more points and coins. It’s an “endless eating” game, so to speak, as you can go on for however long you’re able. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hungry Shark Evolution!

During stages if you eat a whole lot of sea creatures at a high rate of speed, you will start earning bonus multiplier and gold rush bonuses (the latter which earns you a large amount of coins). Go after large packs of small sea creatures to load up on the gold rush bonuses, and swim in circles through the packs to keep going back and getting all of the little fish. Find enough schools of fish and you can even earn up to a 16x or higher multiplier, and TONS of coins.

This works best the more that your bite is upgraded. Spend your coins early on on upgrading your bite, and wait to upgrade the speed or the boost until your shark starts getting so big as to be unwieldy, but the bite is the most important. You can even skip out on upgrading speed and boost altogether, and simply level up grow your current shark to the max level, and hoard coins so that you can afford to buy the next shark up when you level up enough to unlock it.

Get a number of additional upgrades by going to the “evolve” screen and hitting the “NEXT” button below your shark. You’ll go to a new menu where you can spend coins on upgrades such as a second baby shark (the best upgrade), jellyfish antidote, flakjackets (to protect from mine blasts) and a treasure and mission map, as well as hats and other clothing items.

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There are a number of different sunken items at the bottom of the stage, 15 in total per each time that you play. Go and find them in order to earn massive amounts of bonus points and coins. And follow the signs with the arrows to find good bonuses too, but make sure that you have enough breath/energy left (or enough food to eat to recover it).

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