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How to play Hungry Shark Evolution, part 2: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Hungry Shark Evolution beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Fish, crabs, turtles, pelicans and people are generally worth more depending on their size and how hard they are to catch. For example, they can be worth anywhere from 5 points apiece for a tiny little flying fish, to 300 points apiece for a scuba diver and for certain humans at the surface. That’s not the whole story, though; the more fish that you eat in a row, within a short time frame, the higher your multiplier gets.

Your point multiplier can get anywhere from 2x to 24x, and even higher if you’re good enough to make it happen. In addition, often when you pass 10x, you’ll get a “Gold Rush”, where every fish and other edible creature turns gold for a span of 20 seconds.

Normally, you’ll see one or two gold fish in a school, or some gold crabs or people or manta rays around, and if you eat anything that’s gold, you’ll gain coins. However, once you’re in the gold rush mode, everything that’s edible will earn you coins. This is one of the best ways to earn coins, which are the primary currency of the game.

There are other ways to earn coins, as well, in the stage. There are fifteen different collectables each time that you play the stage, including things such as a guitar and a doll. Each one will earn you bonus coins, but if you manage to earn all fifteen of them in one run, you’ll earn a HUGE bonus. Search around the bottoms of the reefs for them, or inside of caves. The best bonus, though, is the daily bonus chest. It will be in the same place every time, and you can only collect it once per day, but if you collect from it for 7 days in a row, the prizes will skyrocket, starting at 200 coins and ending with gems.

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In addition, your survival bonus, which varies depending on how long your shark swims in a level, will increase by a large amount each time one minute passes. For example, one minute’s survival bonus can be only 20ish coins, while a 13 minute survival bonus can be well over 500 coins.

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