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Guide to Babel Rising 3D for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Babel Rising 3D is the latest game in Ubisoft’s addicting, entertaining reverse tower defense series. In this game, as in the others, you play as God and you have to destroy the Babylonians who are attempting to reach heaven on their own by building the Tower of Babel, just like in the Bible. Your mission is to kill ’em all using lightning, fire, wind, water and many other elements. It starts off easy but it can get tough to beat, so read on for some tips and tricks!

To load up on Babels quickly without having to play videos over and over, go to the main menu and then go to the quick play mode, and go for as long as possible, and you can earn hundreds of coins in one round, as opposed to just going back to old rounds that you have completed before and redoing them, which doesn’t really earn you that many coins.

Instead of spending your Babels on scrolls, spend them on permanent powers, such as the passive powers to regenerate your mana more quickly, or to power up your main attacks. If you are having an extra difficult time beating a particular stage, go save up Babels for awhile, upgrade the passive powers and your elemental powers, and then play it again.

To more effectively damage the tower itself, when you are uisng your trailing attacks, start or finish them off the trail, on the tower, so that the tower takes some damage as well as the heretics. Make as much use of your fire attacks as possible too, because these destroy the tower the most effectively.

When you are using a tornado attack, swipe it in the opposite direction that you want it to go, because tornadoes have a habit of going backwards from the direction that you swipe.