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Evil Defenders – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Evil Defenders is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms. In a wacky twist of the usual plot, you play as the forces of evil (demons, orcs, skeletons and whatnot), and your goal is to defend your territory from the heroes who are trying to vanquish you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Evil Defenders!

The cornerstones of your offense (mostly) are the orc cannons and the old crypts. Orc cannons do heavy splash damage. Old crypts let skeletons out, and the skeletons will block the advance of ground-based enemies, allowing every other cannon tower to do far more damage. Place the orc cannons in the middle of the path (or in the inside corner of a turn) and the skeletons towards the outer edges, or towards the outside corner of a turn.

These will only deal with ground troops, though. To defeat air troops, you’ll have to build apprentices, which do heavy damage but fire slowly, and crossbow goblins, which do light damage but fire quickly. Skeletons from the crypts and orc cannons will have no effect on them. They’re far more difficult to defeat than ground troops as well, so upgrade your apprentices and crossbow goblins quicker than anything else to get a fighting chance at aerial troops.

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You’ll only have a few stages unlocked early on, but luckily, you will be able to earn the same amount of souls from a stage no matter how many times you’ve played it. Your best bet for earning quick souls is to play the hardest difficulty level that you can beat on the very first stage of the game, which is a fairly easy stage even at higher difficulties. Rack up the souls, and then use them for either mass upgrades or to purchase new stages without spending any real-life money.

Take advantage of environmental elements. For example, stage 4 has a portal that can cause thunderstorms and hurricanes. Send in 5-7 waves all at the same time to flood the screen with enemy troops, then start a thunderstorm to destroy every single one of them. Use the lightning bolt and the demon to clear out the leftovers that have passed all of your towers.

Your towers can be upgraded multiple times apiece in battle, not just once like most other tower defense games. Depending on the enemy troop, pick a tower and upgrade it as high as possible. For example, for tough ground troops, do this with orc cannons and old crypts, and for tough air-heavy stages, go with the apprentice and the crossbow goblin (all of which change names each time that you upgrade them).