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Clear Vision 3 Guide: All Levels Walkthrough – East Sleeze

NOTE: For East Sleeze, you’re going to need gun upgrades to get anywhere. If you don’t have enough money to power up either the body of the gun itself or the bullets, or both preferrably, then do more jobs until you build up enough money to buy the better weapons. Or, if you have any missions left over in Bumville Shores or Central, go back there and do those missions for money.

East Sleeze:
Simon Cooper: Aim at the guy who’s on top of the house to judge the distance. Then shoot the guy who’s chopping wood.
Mrs. Long: Shoot the guy on the lower floor. He’s the one that’s not smoking and that has no plants by his chair.
m: Shoot the two guys with one bullet right as they walk past each other.
Ryan Ramirez: Shoot the guy who is banging on the red soda machine.

Maria S: Shoot the guy who is sitting at the table on the rooftop wearing a Panama hat.
Mayor Simmons: Shoot the guy who is standing behind the podium giving a speech.
Anthony: Shoot the guy on the left first, then shoot the guy on the right as he’s swimming away. This one is much easier with an upgraded clip that holds at least two bullets.

Gerald Ward: Shoot the guy outside of the truck first, because the driver can’t escape. Then shoot the driver.
Jason: Shoot the guy who’s sitting by the trash can on the left side. The two guys with the cigarettes will run away when a shot is fired.
Jayna Reid: Calculate the distance by aiming at the sitting guy. Then aim at the top of the “B” in the bus stop sign and shoot.

In addition, keep checking back at the Freight area to collect money every 2 1/2 hours. This money will be much needed for the Royal Hills area, which will require even more upgrades.

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