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Clear Vision 3 Guide: All Levels Walkthrough: Return to West Bumville and Central

These stages will be massively foggy, so you will have to buy a scope upgrade, unless your vision is good enough that you can see through the fog rather easily. Also, the body of your rifle will have to be upgraded fully in order to even be able to complete these missions. It’s a better idea to upgrade the bullets, too, in order to make it far easier.

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West Bumville again:
Peter Jones: Judge distance using one of the diners. Then aim at the waiter when he stops and fire.
Larry Brown: Shoot the guy with the construction helmet.
Mark: Shoot the guy on the left – the one who is holding the briefcase.

Joshua Brady: Shoot any one of the vandals. This one is particularly foggy, and if your scope isn’t upgraded enough you won’t be able to see it.
Derek Moran: Shoot the guy with the hard hat. This one is also extremely foggy, meaning you’ll have to have a strong scope for this one as well.

Central again:
Carlos Cain: Shoot the guy that’s holding the comic book.
Tom McGuire: Shoot the guy with the briefcase as quickly as possible.
Linda Wilkins: Shoot the guy who’s standing up in the knee. Then, shoot him in the head when he’s doubled over in pain.

Ian Wu: There will be two guys standing there. One of them will be talking, and the other one will be standing there. Shoot the one who’s talking (the one on the left).
Max Studorw: First, take out the guy with the hammer. Then, shoot the guy on the far left side of the screen. Then finally, take out the welder.

That’s all for Episode 1 of the game. Later on, at some point, an update is expected to come out with a whole new range of missions. But until then, after you beat Episode 1, you’ll be able to replay any stage that you want to in order to increase your rank, your score and your money.

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