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Clear Vision 3 – How to beat the game without spending any real life money, page 2

As previously mentioned, the important upgrades to your gun are the ones which increase the power. The fire rate is completely unimportant, and the recoil is manageable if you have a steady hand, as is the stability. However, without enough power, you will literally be unable to continue beyond a certain point, so save your in game cash for these.

You can rack up the assassin tokens (the premium currency of the game) by doing the time lapse cheat with the deliveries from the freight depot, and by having a LOT of patience (since they don’t appear every time that you collect your shipment). Don’t spend them frivolously on gun upgrades, if you can help it, unless you don’t care about the special missions.

The special missions mostly include interrogations, and one night-vision mission, and to even play them, you have to spend a significant amount of assassin tokens. Once you start them, you will be able to restart them as often as you want to, but once you quit them, you will have to pay to play them over again. So once you begin playing, finish the job.

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Episode 2 of Clear Vision 3 will be out whenever the developers finish it, but once you beat every stage in the game, you will be able to play all of them, at any time, whenever you want. Use this time to finish up all of the upgrades on your gun, especially maximizing its power. Then use your high powered rifle to rack up perfect shots in all of your missions. A perfect shot will earn you 2 times the in-game cash for winning.

All of the missions in the game are fairly easy to beat with the right upgrades. Without the right upgrades, they will be tougher, but they are all possible to beat, especially if you are using my Clear Vision 3 All Levels Walkthrough to beat them.

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