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Clear Vision 3 – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Clear Vision 3 is the continuation of the smartphone-released branch of the classic Newgrounds sniper game series. As the series has gone on it has evolved, gaining more and more missions, weapons and side quests, and other things to do. It doesn’t take long at all for the game to become quite difficult, so read on for the top twelve tips and tricks for Clear Vision 3!

12) Don’t waste your money on dumb upgrades.
Not all of the upgrades to your weapon are necessary. Your two most important upgrades are to the body of the gun and to the bullets (and by extension, the magazines), because they increase the power, and by extension, they drop the wind compensation and the distance compensation that’s required to aim properly.

11) Don’t waste your money on ANY new guns.
The M16 is just fine. If you buy the Steamy Luiz or the MSR-S, they will have no upgrades, and thus they will have the exact same statistics as the base-level M16. Then, you will have to spend even more money in order to get them powered up to the same level.

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10) Utilize the Fight Club to make more money.
The Fight Club is in Central this time, and in this game unlike the last two Clear Vision games, you really really need money in order to continue. The Fight Club has a chance of earning you money for betting on a fighter. Generally, you can ignore each fighter’s chance of winning because it’s almost always closer to 50/50, so bet on the one who will earn you the most cash for a win.

9) If you fail at a criminal job, knock off the cooldown immediately.
To knock out the cooldown time, go to the date and time settings on your tablet or on your phone, and set the time ahead by however long it takes for the time to finish. Then go back to the game and it will be done.

8) Enable the Zoom function on your phone to make it easier to aim at small targets.
To get there on the iPhone, go to settings, then general, then accessibility, then go to zoom and enable it. Your phone will automatically zoom at this point. Drag three fingers around to move the screen wherever you want it to.

7) Get all of your energy back by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet.
Once you run completely out of energy, setting the time ahead by an hour will be enough to restore all of it. You can do this as many times as you want, and keep playing the game indefinitely, without having to spend any cash at the coffee shop or tokens at the back alleys.

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