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City Story Metro for iPhone: How to get more Energy and Goods

In City Story Metro, energy and goods are two things that you need in order to advance forward in the game, at all times. Energy is needed in order to do just about anything that doesn’t involve buying something in the game. Goods are required in order to supply businesses so that they produce coins for you. Read on to find out how to get more of both of these things.

The main way to get more energy, and the most obvious way, is to gain a level. Whenever you gain an experience level, your energy will be fully restored. Try to work on as many quests as possible in order to gain levels quickly, and time the running out of energy so that you gain a level right before it happens.

Another way to get more energy, or to circumvent the loss of energy is to first, set the phone an hour ahead while the game is still going. Then go back to the game, and start doing what you want to do as quickly as possible. Then, when either a car pops (loading screen), a level-up notification or a quest completion notification pops up, hit the menu button, then double tap the menu and close City Story Metro, set the time back to normal and reopen the game. While it doesn’t work every time for restoring energy, it works about half of the time in my experiences.

To get more goods, faster, max out on your industrial buildings. Your best bet is to put them on short jobs over and over, rather than putting them on hour-long jobs. Build more and more houses to unlock another industrial building to buy.

Also, do the time trick two paragraphs up, and set the time ahead for however long you need to finish a job and collect goods. After you set the time ahead, but before you shut down the app, start collecting from industrial buildings. Once you shut down the app, set the time ahead, and open the app back up, you will usually have kept the goods that you acquired.

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