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Airport City and Airport City HD tips: Guide to getting more fuel and passengers

Airport City is the original airport simulator/city builder hybrid, and it’s still the best one. On the iPhone, iPad and Android it’s even better. In Airport City, fuel is the game’s “energy”, and it’s required in order to receive airplanes, as well as to send them back out. Passengers are also required to get planes in, loaded, out and off the ground, and back in the air. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Fuel refills as you play the game and use it. There will be a small timer next to your fuel counter, and when that timer reaches 0, you will get one extra fuel. In addition, every time that you gain an experience level, you’ll get a full fuel refill, so if you are out of fuel, start focusing on building new buildings (even to the extent of selling current buildings and replacing them with new buildings) in order to speed up your experience gains. Work on completing quests as well.

Add friends, and send them fuel every chance you get. If you send them fuel, they will be more likely to send you fuel in return. In addition, check your inventory, because the game gives you so many fuels that you can use them all day.

Running out of passengers sucks too, but to stop that from happening, when you’re in the early levels, fill as much space as you can with houses, cottages and whatnot. As you gain levels, replace them with bigger houses, such as mansions and castles, which take a long time to be ready to collect passengers from, but give you lots of passengers at once when you collect from them.

Maximize your passengers before you shut off the game for the night, and then when you turn the game back on, use all of your passengers first, and THEN collect from the houses as needed, so you can send out lots of passengers before you run out. Keep some small houses around still as well, so that you can collect from them as needed while your big houses are waiting to be ready.

Saifali Ahmad

Wednesday 18th of November 2020

Help me I want to start my space mission but some equipments I can’t find please help me