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Airport City and Airport City HD tips: Guide to getting more fuel and passengers

Airport City is the original airport simulator/city builder hybrid, and it’s still the best one. On the iPhone, iPad and Android it’s even better. In Airport City, fuel is the game’s “energy”, and it’s required in order to receive airplanes, as well as to send them back out. Passengers are also required to get planes […Read More]

Airport City for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough, and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to Airport City, the new Facebook game where you manage your city and build your airport up from a brand-new little flight strip to a world-class center of commerce and flight! Airport City can seem tough and complicated at first, but with this beginner’s guide, you should be off to building your superstar airport […Read More]

Guide to Airport City for Facebook, part 2: More cheats, tips, tricks, hints and strategies

Airport City is a popular, fast-growing Facebook game where you run a city that’s also an airport. Your city is mainly a feeder for your airport, and your airport is your main concentration in this game. But your city and your airport both need to be your focus in order to gain experience levels and […Read More]