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Shuffle Cats – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Shuffle Cats is a new iOS and Android game by Unlike the Saga games, this one is a Rummy PvP game in which you engage in short card battles against other players, with the goal being to score 10 points as quickly as possible by creating “melds”. You can earn gems and gold and compete for prizes of various sizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shuffle Cats!

Every four hours or so, you earn a free 550 gems. You will need these gems in order to keep playing rounds, and once you are out of gems, you have to wait until you can get them restored. If you want to get gems quicker, though, then set the time ahead on your phone by four hours right after collecting the gem prize. Then go back and collect another one.

In standard street rounds, you can earn more gems depending on how badly you beat your opponent. You will earn 15 gems for each point that you beat them by. This is one area where the lucky medallions come in handy; kings and queens are worth 2 points apiece with the first lucky medallion, so the more combinations you can make with kings and queens, the more you can beat your opponent by.

The more that you level up, the more of these bonuses you will be able to get. Leveling up is hard to do if you are only playing in lucky street, but if you want to save your gems and potentially refill your gems against easier players, go back to the street stages and play them to earn more experience without spending the gems you would otherwise have to spend.

You can reshuffle your cards once before you begin the round. Reshuffle them if you don’t see any doubles or any consecutive cards of the same suit in your hand initially. If you do, then there is generally no point in shuffling the cards again unless you are feeling lucky and think that you will draw a better hand the second time.

Pay attention to the discarded cards, both yours and your opponent’s. If you know that a card has already been discarded and nobody has picked it up, then that card is out of play permanently, unless the game goes on for so long that the discard pile is added back into the draw pile.

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