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Island Raiders: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Island Raiders is a new iOS and Android game from the Clash of Clans school of MMO action strategy, but when it comes to how closely it follows the mothership, as your ex’s Facebook status once said, “it’s complicated”. Like DomiNations, Island Raiders comes up with a far different, more complex and more innovative way to do things, as you city-build a la CityVille, then use a series of heroes to battle against other players in an almost action-RPG fashion. Read on for some tips and tricks for Island Raiders!

Like many city building games, one thing that will speed things up greatly is to take advantage of the free speed-ups you get for anything that takes 5 minutes or less to complete. In addition, once you join up with an alliance, you can send your current building project to them to speed up. Make sure to help them out with their projects in return.

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If you want to unlock more heroes, all that you have to do is upgrade the tavern, then scroll over from your original hero to the next one over, and for a specific amount of ore, you can unlock them. Once you do, they have their own troops that you can assign to them at the Rally Point. That costs recruit points, so if you run out of recruit points you will have to switch heroes or simply wait for them to recover. Battling can cause them to recover, though.

For an easy way to see what you need to upgrade, go to the main city map and look for anything with a green upward-facing arrow next to it. If you run out of stuff left to upgrade, then that means that you are overdue for an upgrade to your Tribal Hall. Once you upgrade that, you will be able to build more new buildings and upgrade more existing buildings.

One of the best uses of pearls (the premium currency of the game) is to purchase new cottages or to upgrade the ones that you already have. Doing either one will massively cut down on the time that builders need in order to work. You can find super screws in battle which can then be used to upgrade the cottages, or you can directly spend pearls on the building, or simply spend pearls on the super screws.

When sending your troops and your hero in, send your troops as quickly as possible so that they can be as close to the hero as possible, acting as an instant force multiplier. Try to put them in next to the enemy’s defensive towers first so that they can nullify the most dangerous things first.