The 7D Mine Train – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

The 7D Mine Train is a new Disney endless runner (roller?) game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as the seven dwarfs of Snow White fame, and your goal is to go as far as you can on the tracks and mine as many gems as possible without falling off, or hitting an obstacle that ends your run. Read on for some tips and tricks for The 7D Mine Train!

You have three quests that you can accomplish at a time at any given instance, and as soon as an old quest is completed, a new quest opens up. Complete these quests to earn huge gem rewards, as you’ll earn hundreds of them – even more than you will be able to most of the time no matter how good of a run that you do.

However, there is a way to earn a ton of gems in almost any run, and that is to purchase the Jewel Stick upgrade in the store. It’s fairly cheap – a few good runs is all it takes to earn enough gems to buy it. When you buy it, a wand will stick up above your cart that collects loads of gems for you – up to three rows of gems, in fact.

You can only use one of these power ups at a time, though, so be judicious about which one to use depending on your goal. If you want to get more treasure chests, purchase and use the spike wheels, as that makes it much easier to open them even at slow speeds. If you want to have more room for error during your runs, purchase the double jump power ups.

The double gems power up, which only costs 300 gems, is especially useful when paired with the jewel stick, because you’ll easily collect more than 300 gems with almost any run using the jewel stick (which turns into 600 gems when doubled). Even with a semi decent run you will have a good return on your investment with this one.

To get chests and break through the spiked obstacles easier, hit both of them when you’re at high speed. For the chests, if you are at low speed, jump on them and land on them and you’ll have a shot at breaking them. If you are at low speeds with the spiked obstacles, jump over them, because hitting them will cause your run to end or cause you to lose one of your co-riders if you have picked up any.

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