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Arrow (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Arrow is Ketchapp’s latest endless frustration-maker for the iOS and Android. This addictive app plays almost like a sideways Flappy Bird, in which your arrow has to be herded in between all of the walls, which become increasingly jagged and harder to navigate, with your goal being to score the most points possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Arrow by Ketchapp!

The way that this game plays is that if you let go of the screen, your arrow moves to the right. If you hit the screen and hold it, your arrow moves to the left. You’ll need to guide the arrow with taps of varying lengths depending on the shape of the walls you’re trying to get it through.

Pick up the orange jewels to score points. Pick up the purple jewels to score points and collect gems. Gems are the currency of the game, and are used to purchase more arrows and more backgrounds. They don’t change the gameplay at all, they merely change the appearance of the arrow or of the game in general. Still, some of them are very cheap, and some of them are EXTREMELY expensive.

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If you want to make the game a little bit easier and if you are used to Flappy Bird clones, turn the phone sideways and your arrow will go up when you hit the screen and down when you let go, making it feel a bit more natural. You’ll get used to the game a lot more quickly, and high scores will come a lot more frequently.

Look for the gold button that says “Watch Video” to come up if you want to earn gems a lot more quickly. Press that button and if you have a data or wifi connection, an advertisement will play. When the ad is done, you will earn 10 free gems in exchange for watching it.

If you want to check the high scores, you will always be able to find them fairly easily by checking the Game Center high scores, or Google Play if you are playing this one on Android. Watch out for the scores that look totally unrealistic as these are obvious hacks. If you want to try to hack the high scores use a hex editor program (which can be used on iOS if you connect it to a PC and run the editor from the PC itself).