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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – How to beat the Roadmap levels

In The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, your main levels are pretty easy to beat, for the most part. However, the roadmap levels can be quite difficult. These limited-edition levels include (currently) various boot camps, as well as Michonne’s story, with more being added all the time, and for your trouble, you get huge rewards. So what’s the key to beating these levels? Read on to find out!

Most of these levels will consist of nothing but walkers. With the walkers, a critical hit is a headshot, and a headshot is an instant kill every time. If you have party members whose Adrenaline Rush skill is a critical hit, add them into the party. They will be a huge help in quickly decimating the hordes of walkers.

Most walkers don’t have a trait (some do though), so the mix of traits matters less than simply having a very strong party. Load up on three-star and above characters and level them up high, using the characters that you train in the training ground as sacrifices. Upgrade them whenever you reach the maximum level. The level-up stat boosts might not seem like much, but they make a HUGE difference. Also, be sure that every character is equipped with the absolute best weapon available to their trait.

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Skip the auto-battle mode with these tough ones, and control your team manually. Do this so that you can target the closest walkers. The closer they are, the sooner they become dangerous, and auto-battle is horrible when it comes to deciding which walkers to shoot at first (oftentimes far-away ones will be targeted).

Other useful adrenaline rushes for your team include healers, and those whose attacks do spray damage or splash damage. Walkers are usually in large groups, so the splash damage attacks become extra useful in this case. Carry lots of items too – not only healing items, but items that do splash damage. These will come in extra handy during the tough battles. Don’t waste them in the easy primary battles (the non-roadmap battles).

If you have not yet done so already, join a faction, so that you can use a faction helper in the sixth slot of the roadmap battles. A good faction will have a heavy helping of four-star and three-star leaders – a great one will have some five stars thrown into the mix too. These will make a major difference compared to throwing only five survivors at the levels at a time.