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Big Win Racing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Big Win Racing, the latest in the Hothead Games array of Big Win card-battling games, is the first of the franchise to delve into the racing world. In Big Win Racing you don’t just control the driver – you control the entire pit crew and the parts in your car. Well, you don’t “control” them, per se, but you manage them, and then improve them using the Big Bucks and coins that you earn during races. Read on for some tips and tricks for Big Win Racing!

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You use up energy every time that you run in a race. If you want to get your energy back right away, as opposed to having to wait for it to come back, go into the time settings in your phone or tablet and set the time ahead by about six minutes per energy unit that you have lost. When you go back to the app, your time will be fully restored. Do this as many times as you want.

When managing your car, parts chemistry is just as important as the ratings of the parts. You can improve your parts chemistry by having more parts by the same manufacturer inside of the car. If you can manage to get engine, tires, steering and transmission to be all by the same manufacturer, your parts chemistry will be full.

For the most part, though, your chance of winning depends on your rating, which is determined by the combined rating of all of your cards. Rack up the coins by participating in quick races until you have enough coins to buy silver decks, or use the free coins and Big Bucks offers to save up for both silver and gold decks. These decks will mostly contain Big Impact cards, but will often also contain drivers, pit crew members and parts for your car, which you can plug in to skyrocket your team rating.

Even with all bronze parts, though, you can still make the best of it in the championships and trophies. Load up on big impact cards, especially silver and gold ones, and make use of them during the races. Use the skill upgrades to increase the rating of parts – unless you would rather save up for better team cards by doing the free coin offers and quick races, in which case you should save the skill upgrades for the silver and gold cards. Still, though, you can earn plenty of coins and Big Bucks by placing high in the trophy races, or winning the championship.

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