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Big Win Racing – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Big Win Racing top twelve tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

6) You can now trade your coins for Big Bucks.
This is new to the Big Win series. You can still trade your Big Bucks for coins, as usual. Now, however, you can also trade coins for Big Bucks – one Big Buck can be purchased for 1,200 coins, while one Big Buck will purchase 300 coins if you want to sell it back.

5) The easiest way to win is simply to increase your team’s overall score.
Your team’s score is a combination of your driver’s score, your pit crew’s score, and the score of all of the parts in your car averaged out. Increase the score of any of your parts to increase the team’s score. Do this by buying silver and gold (and better) card packs, getting new players and adding them to your team, and by smart use of the Big Boost cards to boost statistics of your cards.

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4) Participate in the events whenever they become available.
Events usually pop up around the holidays and during other special times, but sometimes they can pop up for no reason at all. Participate as much as possible, and win as often as possible so that you can place high and earn a ton of Big Bucks. Placing first in the events can earn you a HUGE amount of big bucks – equal to about $50 to $200 worth of in-app purchases, depending on the event.

3) Participate in the trophy racing events for a chance to earn a whole bunch more Big Bucks.
You have to pay Big Bucks to enter, but depending on the trophy event, you can earn a whole lot of Big Bucks by entering. The pool will be far smaller than in the events, which potentially makes it much easier to win one of these events.

2) Keep watching for the Big Rush card pack to become available.
Usually, this pack is not available for purchase, but once it becomes available for purchase, you will have a shot at earning some VERY rare cards, including superstar cards, which are worth more than silver, gold and platinum cards, which are far more powerful, and which are limited edition.

1) Take advantage of every method of earning free coins and Big Bucks in the game.
Tap the Free Coins or Free Big Bucks buttons in the top right corner of the screen. You can complete offers on the Tapjoy offer wall in order to earn Big Bucks, watch advertisement videos for free coins, or do other things, such as selling cards or liking the game on Facebook.