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Big Win MLB Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, part 3

Click here to go back to part 2 of the Big Win MLB beginner’s guide, or read on for part three of the guide!

You can also go to My Collection to check out all of the players that you either currently have, or used to have. Try to collect every single major league player from the 2013 season, and keep track of your progress here!

Two other options exist within the “Play!” menu. You can participate in various events when they are available. They won’t always be available, but when they are, you can earn some of the biggest rewards from these. You can go to the friends menu to add friends from either Facebook, or from adding their friend codes. Friend games won’t earn you any extra rewards besides bragging rights and the usual coins and fans.

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To change your team name, go to the My Team menu, and click on the keyboard icon next to your team’s name. You can change the name as many times as you want without having to pay anything. From here, you can also (in addition to all of the previously mentioned forms of management) switch out one player for another, change the batting order of your players, or change uniforms, or even check out your team’s history of wins and losses.

There are many ways to earn Big Bucks and Coins besides playing the pennants. You can earn coins from watching ad videos, or you can earn big bucks by doing offers on the Tapjoy offer wall. You can also sell cards, trade big bucks for coins, or earn free big bucks for following the game on Twitter. These can all be accessed via the “Get Free Coins” or “Free Bucks!” button.

Finally, if you go to the options menu, you can customize the game how you like it. You can turn the music and sound effects on and off, send feedback on the game, or turn on a name filter which will filter out vulgar or profane names if you don’t like to see them. You can even delete your entire team and start anew. If you do that, though, make sure to write down your team password in case you want your team back, or if you want to switch the team to another device.

That’s all for Big Win MLB! Enjoy the game!