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How to play MLB Full Deck for iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the MLB Full Deck beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Click on the “get player” tab and you can buy many types of card packs. You get one free card pack daily, but you can buy standard card packs using coins, or use diamonds to buy the silver and gold card packs. Player rarities are divided into common, uncommon, rare, star, and super star (zero, one, two, three and gold three stars), as well as the most powerful type, Limited Edition (or LE) which can be found occasionally from the silver and gold card packs.

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Go to the Shop mode and you can either buy more diamonds, more players, or items. Items include stamina refills for single players or for the whole team, energy refills, power ups or collection guards. Power ups give you a large boost during a game, and collection guards allow you to protect one of your collection items from getting stolen by other players in versus mode (this happens if another player plays and beats you in versus mode, but not when you play another player and lose).

Go to the Training mode and you can pay coins to train any one of your players. It’s recommended to train your rarest and highest-scored players, as those are the ones that you’ll be least likely to replace at any point in the future. Each time that you hit the “train” button enough times on one player, that player will gain a level and their stats will increase.

Go to the collections to check out which collection pieces you still need, and how many of each piece that you have.

Finally, go to the social tab in order to start adding friends in the game, and connect to Facebook. You can add friends via either Facebook or by player ID. You get free diamonds and card bonuses for adding a certain number of players; in addition, you will be able to send gifts back and forth, such as coins and items. Eventually, you will also be able to trade cards with your friends, but that hasn’t been built into the game yet.