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Tap Titans: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Page 3

15) Unlock achievements in order to earn free diamonds.
Unlocking new achievements is the fastest way to earn free diamonds in the entire game. Go to the achievements menu by tapping the button that looks like a trophy. Every achievement will have six different tears denoted by one star apiece, so there are always plenty of achievements to unlock. When you unlock an achievement go to this menu and select your dime in the reward.

14) Spend your hard earned diamonds on the Make it Rain power up for a ton of extra gold.
This power up costs 100 diamonds which makes it one of the most expensive power ups you can buy, but depending on how far you are in the level excursion, this one happens to be worth it more than any of the other power ups. Purchase this and then use it to upgrade your DPS massively, and you can end up roaring through levels extremely quickly.

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13) Tap on the treasure chest that pop up overhead.
Every so often a treasure chest will appear toward the top of the screen, carried by a flying angel. If you tap it, you will earn a reward of either cash, gold, or a free tap power up, such as Midas Touch or a free Shadow clone. If you don’t tap it immediately, they will fly around the top of the screen for a while and then disappear. Tap them as soon as they appear to prevent this from happening.

12) Watch free advertisement videos for even bigger bonuses.
These show up in the treasure chest offered by the angels as well. Compared to normal treasure chests, they often provide a much larger gold and diamond bonuses. What’s more, they are mandatory if you want to earn the free Midas Touch and other tapping bonuses once you come across them. Make sure that you have an online connection in order to make them work. If your connection is too weak, they will not load.

11) When you go offline, you will still earn gold coins.
In the pot of gold icon in the upper left corner, you will find gold that has accumulated during the time when you were offline. In fact, oftentimes you earn more gold here than you do when the game is actually active. There’s limits to it, but take advantage by signing out and then back in every once in awhile, and then collecting all of the built up gold.

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