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Tap Tycoon: Country vs Country – How to get free Diamonds

Tap Tycoon: Country vs Country is the newest clicker game by Game Hive, most famous for Tap Titans and the Kick the Boss/Beat the Boss series. In this game you have two currencies: cash, of course, and then diamonds, a premium currency that allows you to get a whole hell of a lot more cash, or more tech cards and other good bonuses. Read on for some tips on how to get free diamonds in Tap Tycoon: Country vs Country!

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The most common way to get free diamonds is to open the fairy bonuses that fly by often. They will either contain cash, power-ups, or diamonds. Some of them will contain one diamond, while others will prompt you to watch a free video; if you watch that video, you’ll earn a free 5 diamond bonus. Tap them as often as you see them.

One of the quickest free diamond bonuses is within the shop itself. Scroll past all of the goods that you can purchase, down to where it says Follow Twitter or Like Facebook. Do one of these or the other, or just tap the buttons and then go back to the game without following through; either way, you will earn 25 free diamonds apiece when you do this.

Completing achievements is your other best method of earning free diamonds. Hit the red ribbon/medal button to see what the achievements on your list are that you can still complete. When the achievements icon has an exclamation mark next to it, then you will be able to go and collect your reward for a completed achievement.

Be sure to prestige as often as possible, because this makes it very easy to gain new experience levels. Each time that you gain a new experience level, you will get a diamonds bonus. If you have already reached an experience level in the past before you prestige, you won’t get any bonuses for getting back to it, though.

In addition to earning all of these free diamonds, be sure to spend your diamonds wisely so that you don’t end up wasting them. Don’t bother spending them on temporary bonuses, such as the ones in the shop menu. It is far better to spend them on permanent bonuses, like buying 5 tech cards for 500 diamonds. It’s expensive but it’s a bonus that will never go away, unless you delete the game.