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Tap Titans 2- Ultimate Guide: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies (Page 2)

6: To get even more free diamonds, complete the achievements. There are loads of them in the achievements menu, which is located above where your Sword Master upgrade button is. If you see a number next to the achievements button, then you have some rewards to collect. Otherwise, you can go to the menu and read what you have to do to complete the achievements that you haven’t unlocked yet, as well as how far along you are for each one.

7: All of the skills are activated off of the central Mana Pool, which regenerates gradually. This makes it so that some skills are not worth using anymore. Heavenly Strike is nearly worthless now, as are War Cry and Shadow Clone. Fire Sword is far more effective if you are a rapid tapper. Hand of Midas is still Hand of Midas – use it to earn a bunch of gold quickly.

8: Starting at Sword Master level 600, you will be able to prestige in order to earn relics. The higher the stage you’re on when you prestige though, the more relics you will earn. Other factors that mattered in the first game, such as how many heroes you have unlocked, don’t make that big of a difference. The main difference maker is what stage you’re on and how many bosses you have beaten.

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9: Speaking of leveling up your Sword Master, it’s actually worth it all throughout the game now. In the first Tap Titans, you had so many hero bonuses that applied a percentage of total hero DPS to your Sword Master that it became worthless to upgrade him beyond a certain level. Now, those hero bonuses are all but gone and Sword Master’s damage per tap boosts every 20 levels, so upgrades will always continue to matter.

10: When you are deciding which clan to join, join the one with the highest challenge level that you can possibly find. The highest possible challenge level is equal to the amount of days that the game has been on the store. Hit the reload button over and over and over to refresh the clan directory if you need to.

11: Be aware that you will be at risk of getting kicked out of the clan if you are not active in clan challenges. Stay as active as possible so that the clan leader sees that you are active. If you don’t contribute to the clan challenges then you appear to be inactive, which can get you the boot.

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