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Piano Tiles 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Even though you can’t earn coins through videos, you can earn free diamonds through videos. There is a button on the main menu screen that allows you to tap to watch, and when the video ends, you will have one more diamond for your collection. If that is unavailable, wait until the end of the round and the same prompt will pop up.

Other ways to earn diamonds in the game exist too. For example, you can get 10 free diamonds just for signing into the game with Facebook. If you do plan on making an in-app purchase, look for various daily deals and other assorted limited-editions deals where you can earn a big recharge bonus.

It costs two diamonds to start a level over again; however, you are best off saving those diamonds up so that you can spend them in the store. One diamond buys you 100 coins, 10 diamonds buy you 1100 coins, and 100 diamonds buy you 12,999 coins, which is more than enough to unlock almost every song in the game. Some songs can be unlocked only with diamonds, too, not with coins.

Besides, if you can go far enough in the endless phase of the level, you won’t need to spend any coins on songs at all. The farther that you go in the level, the more experience points you earn, and when you gain an experience level, you unlock a new batch of songs.

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You will earn by far the most experience points, though, by beating a new song that you have not played or beaten before. So in general, to earn experience as quickly as possible, play all of the songs that you haven’t played before. Old songs are best for going into endless mode and practicing at those high speeds. You’ll need this if you plan on beating Flight of the Bumblebee later on in the game.

How many fingers you play with should depend on the size of your device. If you play on an older iPhone, iPod Touch, or another small device, two thumbs is generally best. If you play on an iPad or on a bigger phone such as an iPhone 6S Plus, then four fingers might be best because it will allow for the fastest reaction times on the endless mode songs.

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