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Double Juggle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Double Juggle is a new iOS and Android game where your only goal is to juggle for as long as possible with two paddles. The game gets really tricky, though, as you end up juggling more and more balls the longer that you go. You can earn diamonds as you go, as well as compete against players around the world for the top score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Double Juggle!

Your method of earning points is to tap under the ball in order to place a paddle underneath it. If you aim it right, then the ball will bounce cleanly off of the paddle. Then do it all over again. More and more balls will appear as you go for longer, though, making it tougher and tougher. A maximum of six balls can be on screen at a time, though, and then the game stops getting harder.

Even if two balls are going to the same location, always tap under every ball. That’s because when a paddle is used, it then disappears, and if you don’t tap the second time, then the ball won’t bounce, and will fall, causing you to lose the round.

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After stages you can often get more diamonds simply for watching a video, and this pays out between 500 and 900 diamonds per video. If, after finishing the video, the icon is still there, you can tap it again, watch another video, and earn the coin bonus all over again. Play and die until the video icon pops up again so that you can get more videos.

Other than that, you’ll see other pop ups such as a prompt for a Facebook like. If you don’t have the FB app and you tap the button, you’ll get the diamonds regardless of whether you give the like or not. Also, every one point that you earn in a level translates to one diamond.

When you earn 3,000 diamonds you will be able to purchase a new ball. The new ball plays the same as the old ball does except that the appearance will change. Higher contrast appearances can make it easier to see each of the balls, thus making it easier to aim the paddles just right so that you can bounce them up.