Mr Juggler: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Mr Juggler is a new game where you have to juggle one or more balls at a time, make it from level to level, You can move from level to level, taking on even tougher juggling challenges as you go on, and juggling new objects, ranging from balls to cards to fruit. You can even unlock new jugglers with the stars that you earn. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mr Juggler!

The whole goal of the game is to tap the ball right before it hits the circle. This is how you earn a point and keep the level going. You only have to deal with one ball at first but when you to newer levels, you end up dealing with two, three, or even four balls at the same time.

The balls will bounce at the same speed as each other. Sometimes, the balls will change speed, but when they do change speed, they will all change speeds at the same time. They won’t change speeds one at a time, or independently, and when they do appear, they will go the same speed as each other. The main differences from level to level will be the number of times that you have to tap.

You can earn stars as you go, sometimes from the levels themselves, but mainly you can earn them with various ad video offers and free star offers. Head to the star store and hit the free stars button for a 20-star boost. You can do this as many times as you want, as long as there are videos to watch, and as long as you have a network connection, there will be new videos.

You can use those stars to buy new characters. One 100-star expenditure will net you a random spin. Each character plays the same as each other character, and they bounce the same objects around, but they bring their own looks to the game, allowing for a degree of customization. Characters will always cost 100 stars – nothing more or nothing less.

At time intervals, you’ll earn a free star chest, as well. These tend to be worth far more than the offer ones, due to their rarity – 60 stars apiece is a good approximation. So maximize these by watching an ad video to double what you earn from them, and earn 120 stars instead of 60 stars.

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