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Blocky Baseball: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Blocky Baseball is a new endless batting practice game for the iOS and Android platform by Full Fat Games. Your goal is to get as many consecutive hits as possible and progress from level to level, hitting balls, coins, and stars while avoiding paint bombs, and dealing with pitches that get progressively tougher to hit. You can unlock new bats, new balls, and even players from your favorite teams. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blocky Baseball!

Your goal is to tap when the ball or other object ends up in the middle of the circle. The circle gets progressively smaller as you go, but there is a little bit of room for error. If you are in a higher level and the circle is tiny, you sometimes get credited with a hit even if you swing while the ball is slightly outside of the circle. Nevertheless, wait until the ball is in the circle to swing.

Avoid hitting the balls of paint. If you swing and hit a paintball, then you end up losing a hit. Three lost hits and your round will be over. You can hit balls, coins, and stars, but if you hit a paintball, it won’t be good, so avoid hitting them.

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Coins are not only earned from swinging and hitting at them during the round, but also from numerous free gifts that you earn between levels on a timed basis. 100 coins will purchase you a new bat or a new ball of your choice. New players for real life teams, however, can only be purchased for one dollar apiece, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency.

You will have to deal with more different types of pictures as you go on further into the levels. A curveball will take a huge trajectory around the level making it tougher to time. A fastball, on the other hand, will go straight up the middle the entire way, and will approach the plate and about double the speed of a normal bitch. Fastballs tend to be tougher to time then curveballs, but I can often result in homeruns.

Homeruns and fire streaks are two special types of hits that you can do. Fire streaks appear after you hit a high enough consecutive amount of balls. Home runs have a better chance of appearing if you swing the bat while the ball is inside of the star. Ironically, the higher your level and the smaller you’re batting circle gets, the more home runs that you are likely to hit.