2020: My Country Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

2020: My Country is the latest game in the ‘My Country’ series developed by one of Russia’s most popular game publishers, Game Insight, along with InnoWate. It plays much like the first one, but with an added heaping helping of futurism, along with vastly improved graphics, so much so that it arguably displaces Hay Day as the best looking build-stuff-and-grow-stuff game on the entire iOS and Android platforms. Read on for some tips and tricks for 2020: My Country for the iPad, iPhone and Android!

Energy is required for much of what you do in this game, especially completing actions at different buildings, which, of course, is how you level up your buildings as well as find collection items that you need in order to hire employees. Once you run out of energy, set the time on your phone or device ahead by any amount of time you want (an hour is a good amount), and then go back to the game. Once you do, the game will think that an hour has passed by, meaning that the corresponding amount of energy will be regenerated.

Best of all, once you do this, if you go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, you will keep all of your extra energy. So you can do this trick as many times as you want in a row without having the time go insanely out of whack because of how many times you set it ahead.

Your buildings don’t need to be next to streets in order to operate. If you want to make a bunch of room in your city, go ahead and put all of your streets and parking lots in storage (or simply delete them, since they are of no use to your city), then fill all of the new space that you just made with more buildings.

Put one central square of street, though, with buildings surrounding it, if you want to make a lucrative spot to place a mini business. Surround the square of street with buildings all the way, except save one side of the square for the mini business, to increase the amount of people who end up using it.