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Bricks Breaker Quest: Mission – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bricks Breaker Quest: Mission is a new level-based ball blaster for Facebook Messenger that you can play against friends. You can either play in the traditional level-based gameplay or in the classic mode, which contains endless gameplay. Plus, since this is Facebook Messenger, you can multiplay, meaning challenge someone to a battle. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bricks Breaker Quest: Mission!

With Multiplay, you can either challenge one of your friends or challenge some random opponent. The goal is to knock out all of the blocks quicker than the other person. The instant-down button is only available one time in each challenge level; sometimes it’s necessary in order to speed things along and stop one single ball from holding you up.

Whenever you need to earn more stars or more rubies, go to one of the previous levels that you had earned less than three stars on, and try it again. The earlier the level is in the count, the easier that it tends to be to beat the level and to master it. You can earn all three stars by finishing the level in the least amount of moves possible.

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The classic mode’s entire goal is for you to go as long as possible, and rack up as high of a score as you can. Whenever you make a move, you gain a point, so keep making moves for as long as possible. Your best bet is to shoot balls into the gaps, to try to bounce them off of as many bricks as possible, and bouncing balls off of the ceiling is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.

There are a ton of rubies to earn in this game, but there is only one thing to spend them on at the moment, which is going back one move in a level. In the iOS and Android version of this game, there is far more, such as unique balls that vary in diameter and design, so there’s a chance that those could be added to this game with a future update, but right now, they can only be spent on retries.

From the main screen you can watch an ad video to earn 50 rubies at a time; this is available 20 times per day. You can also claim a free gift, which is available every six hours. This requires a video ad too, but instead of 50 rubies, you’ll earn 300 rubies in one shot. This is inside of the mystery box.


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