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Sonic Runners: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Sonic Runners is a new mobile endless running game for the iOS and Android platforms. Conceptually it stays amazingly true to the Sonic way – you play as Sonic and his large cast of friends, and your goal is to get as far as possible, collect rings, red star rings and other goodies, while fighting off Dr. Eggman as he tries to attack you every step of the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sonic Runners!

Unlike in most other endless runners, and all other Sonic games, Sonic can not only single jump, or double jump, but also triple jump. Triple jumps make it very easy to escape from almost any obstacle and to jump over wide gaps and spike pits. If you kill a robot, the jump cycle will start all over again.

If you want to get more characters, the way to do so is to play through map after map. Once you pass level 11, you will unlock Tails. Once you pass map 16, you will unlock Knuckles. Expect more characters to become unlockable too. If a familiar Sonic character is not in the game yet, they will most likely be added later by the developers of the game.

Level up your characters to increase their performance with various power ups and their score multipliers. To do this, go to the character select screen, tap on the character that you want to level and start spending your rings. Be sure to level up both your primary and secondary characters.

Buddies can’t be leveled up the same way, though. A buddy levels up when you get multiples of the same one. The duplicate will roll into the original one and increase its level. Hit the buddy icon (lower left corner of the main menu screen) to go to the buddy spin. It will cost 50 Red Star Rings to do a spin here. You have chances to get more buddies during free spins or for completing challenges as well.

Get all the rings that you can from Dr. Eggman when you hit him. The bigger the ring, the more that it’s worth. Like in the old Sonic games, you will lose the rings in the stage when you hit spikes or a robot

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