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Dino Mutant: T-Rex – Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dino Mutant: T-Rex is a new game for the iOS and Android Platforms that allows you to breed dinosaurs. You can collect rare, epic, unique, and legendary dinos, you can load up on food and bones, and you can even send your dinosaurs out to battle against rival dinosaurs, both player controlled and NPC.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Dino Mutant: T-Rex!

At first you are going to most likely want to keep as many dinosaurs around as possible, but start banishing dinosaurs right away. You’re going to need to battle to hunt for food, so banish all of the dinosaurs that have the lowest overall statistics, and keep the ones around that have elevated hit points, attack power, and speed. these are the ones that are going to prove the most useful in tougher battles, and when you banish week dinosaurs immediately, they will not eat all of your food.

You start the game off with plenty of food, but it goes extremely quickly once you are raising lots of dinosaurs. Replenish your food battling against other players and against rival dinosaurs, and by going to the store within the game and watching an advertisement video for 5000 free units of food. You can do that three times per day, for 15,000 units per day.

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When your dinosaurs mature from babies to adults, you will then be able to put them in the nests in order to use them to breed new dinosaurs. Always keep your rarest and most powerful dinosaurs in the nest at all times, so that you have a better chance of breeding dinosaurs With rare body colors, belly colors, skins, and patterns. The more and rarer designs that they have, the better.

Before you make a purchase within the game, look for advertisement video offers that give you the same thing that a purchase would. You can get free food, pheromones, golden, and more simply by watching advertisement videos. Just make sure that your phone is in an area with a good connection, so that the videos can load properly.

As you collect more bones, be sure to go to the bone shop and purchase rare eggs. These rare mutant eggs can be used to breed extra rare, epic, or legendary dinosaurs far more quickly than simply relying on the nest and playing the game of chance. Then as these extra rare dinosaurs become adults, you can put them in the nest and have them breed even more rare dinosaurs.

Aside from purchasing them, the primary way to get more bones is to banish more dinosaurs. Banish them when they are still babies in order to avoid having to use food on any of them. The more rare that the dinosaur is, the more bones that will earn you when you banish it.

Each overworld map has a final boss that you can defeat. Once you beat the final boss on the map, you will transfer all of your progress to the next highest map. The different islands are Blue Island, Desolate Island, Volcano Island, Crystal Island, and Cyber Island.