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Top War: Battle Game – Full Alliance Guide: Fortresses, Droids, Feats, No Man’s Land Raids, and More!

Top War: Battle Game is a wildly popular MMORTS with unique gameplay that swaps out the usual “wait for a long time for upgrades to finish“ gameplay with merging gameplay, like your favorite puzzle games. Just like other RTS games, there is a good amount of solo gameplay, but the best part of the gameplay comes during alliance play.

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After you play the game for a day or two, grinding and attacking dark forces begins to get old, no matter how much progress you’re making. The real meat of the gameplay comes after you join an alliance. Alliances allow you to team up with other players, help each other out, and battle against rival alliances.

The most important part of alliance gameplay is making sure that the alliance you join is an active one. If you were alliance is in active, then leave right away and find a new one. If you join an active one, and it becomes in active overtime, then don’t be afraid to leave it and find a new, more active one.

As soon as you join an alliance, you will probably get an invitation to move your base close to the rest of the alliance. This is an important part of gameplay so that you can be near the alliance fortress, receive the protection in strength of your alliance, and have extra defense against rivals. Before you except, though, look at the member list and make sure the rest of the alliance plays actively.

The alliance fortress is the headquarters for the entire alliance, and all surrounding territory becomes the territory of said alliance. Be careful about attacking another alliance is fortress, because this could be a way to touch off of war between two alliances.

If you want to start a war between two alliances, make sure to consult with the leader ship of your alliance, or if you are the leader ship, make sure to consult with the other members. You also want to make sure that the strength of your alliance can match or beat the strength of the one that you are trying to attack.

A No Man’s Land looks similar to an alliance fortress, except it is not controlled by anyone alliance. Rather, multiple alliances can battle it out for domination. You can attack these all you want. You can also call for back up from your alliance members, or you can simply try to attack it all on your own, although this is usually not a good idea

There are a ton of other options in the alliance area. The alliance droid is a raid boss that can be called upon so that all of your alliance members can attack it, earning rewards after they destroy. It’s very similar to a Warhammer in that regard.

Alliance tech allows you to do various upgrades on top of what you already get from the tech center on your base. You have to donate gold in order to make the upgrades happen. The other alliance members have to donate gold to, and if they don’t pay their fair share, then this is good justification to leave the alliance.

Alliance feats are special rewards that you can collect after the alliance accomplishes a certain task. These rewards can even be collected for tasks that the alliance accomplished before you ever joined it, so joining a high-level alliance when you’re at a lower level can be a massive, almost unfair boost for you, due to all the rewards that you can collect.

Not only that, but after the alliance levels up, and all new list of feats will pop up. This will give you an entirely new set of quests to accomplish for another huge stash of rewards.


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