Top War: Battle Game – How To Get VIP Points and Levels

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Top War: Battle Game has a system similar to a lot of other war games, called the VIP system. VIP points allow you to upgrade your VIP level, which not only will earn new bonus items, but will also allow you to earn gold and progress through the game faster. This game has 16 different VIP levels, meaning that whales can earn gigantic rewards.

Read on for a full guide on how to get VIP points, get VIP experience levels, and even some tips on how to get free VIP points in Top War: Battle Game!

getting VIP points in this game is fairly straightforward. All that you have to do is make an in app purchase. Go to the store, look through the store menu to see which purchases you want to make, and then make the purchase.

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Almost every in app purchase has the amount of VIP points that you will earn for making the purchase listed next to it. In general, all of the in app purchases have the same amount of VIP points earned two dollars spent. You earn around 10 VIP points for every one dollar, regardless of the amount of money you spend, so a $100 purchase earns you 1000 VIP points.

Advertisement videos offer you free gems for watching them, but they do not offer you free VIP points. You have to make the in-app purchase in order to get VIP points.

In the VIP menu, which is in the top left corner of the screen when you’re on the base view area, you will be able to see how many VIP points you have, what your current VIP level is, and how many VIP points you need for the next level. Typically, the point level is low; for example, you only need a total of six points to make it to VIP level one, which is within a one dollar purchase.

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You will be able to also see the VIP privileges for each level. The privileges grow with every VIP level that you gain, to the point where the list becomes massive at VIP levels 10 through 16.

Between VIP levels one and 12, you also get a new VIP pack every time you gain a level. The VIP pack consists of a list of bonus items, buildings, and even the free gems that you can get. Between VIP levels 13 and 16, there are no additional VIP packs, due to the fact that the privilege list is so long.

The easiest way to get free VIP points is to spend any gift card that you have for the App Store or the Google Play Store, use the free cash on in-app purchases for Top War: Battle Game, then enjoy the VIP benefits that you gain from them. There is no other way to get free VIP points; they are completely tied to purchases.

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