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God of Chakra: Final Battle – How to Get VIP Points and Levels

God of Chakra: Final Battle is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that is based off of the Naruto franchise, featuring all of your favorite heroes and villains, plenty of gold ingots, and a whole lot of other goodies.

Like a lot of other mobile RPG‘s, there is a VIP system for players who are deeper into the game. Anybody can buy into the VIP system, and even get free VIP points, allowing you to get far more and customize your game, even while playing for less total time.

Read on for a guide to getting VIP points and increasing your VIP level in God of Chakra: Final Battle!

The premium currency of the game is gold ingots. You can get gold ingots for free, especially by completing the quests that you find in the ninja tool, or you can make an in app purchase in order to earn gold ingots. These are important to the VIP system, as well.

If you go to the market area in the game, then it will tell you that you have to top up in order to increase your VIP level. You get one VIP point for everyone gold ingot let you buy, so if you spend $.99 on 60 ingots for example, then you will earn 60 VIP points.

Included within the marketplace area will be a side menu that shows you all of the possible VIP levels and benefits. You can scroll through each one of the levels and purchase VIP status if you have topped up enough to be able to afford it. Unfortunately, the free ingots that you earn do not count toward your VIP status.

To top up, you need to make an in-app purchase. As soon as the purchase is complete, VIP points will become available that will allow you to increase your VIP level. Once you purchase a VIP level, the benefits will begin right away.

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So what are the benefits of VIP status? There are a few basic ones, such as an increase in auto play experience, a percentage increase in copper that you earn, ninja experience, and more.

As you start to step up the VIP levels, you can’t even unlock a new game modes, such as daily dungeons. Cosmetic bonuses will become available as well, such as exclusive avatars, exclusive avatar frames, and similar.

A number of new types of summons will become available, allowing you a better chance at rare and exclusive characters, some of which are more powerful than the characters you get from basic summons, and some of which are simply far more rare.

Are there any ways to get free VIP points and levels? Now that would be a massive bonus but unfortunately, there are not currently any methods that are built into the game. There are ways to get free VIP points and levels, but they involve spending gift cards for the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on in-app purchases, which are the same as cash.

If you are a content creator on a platform such as YouTube or Twitch, then you might be able to contact the developer directly and convince them to give you a bonus top up, so that you can purchase the VIP levels and demonstrate them as part of your work.


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