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Beat and Cheat Almost a Hero – The Ultimate Tips and Strategy Guide

Almost a Hero is a new tapping RPFG for the iOS and Android. You might almost be a hero in this game but you take one ring, a band of heroes, and a hell of a lot of upgrades and quest through an endless amount of stages, earning gold, scraps, tokens, mythstones and a host of other goodies. There’s a huge amount of ways to upgrade your heroes, which are needed for the increasingly strong villains that you’ll face. Read on for some tips and tricks for Almost a Hero!

You start off with the lightning ring, but as you progress, prestige, and make it further into the levels, you’ll win more rings as a prize, such as the fire ring. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The fire ring, for example, has extremely powerful shots and minor splash damage, but requires you to stop before overheating it, so you won’t be able to tap with multiple fingers like you can with the lightning ring.

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While ring damage is generally the most important upgrade for when you’re active in the game, Hilt has a special upgrade called Forest Son, available at level 6, which increases your tapping power by a percentage of Hilt’s attack power – 5 percent for the first upgrade, then 7, then 9, and so forth. After Hilt hits level 7, this tap bonus damage will be worth far more than the ring’s upgrade damage itself.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the most important thing that you can do with them is to unlock more artifact slots; however, if you run out of artifact slots, you can reroll for a new artifact. You’ll get a better artifact every single time that you reroll. Start off with the artifacts which cost the least to reroll, or just reroll the best and rarest artifact you have for an even better and rarer one.

When you get on into the later levels, especially against the epic bosses, you’re going to have an extremely tough time beating them, especially against the epic bosses. Save up your heroes’ special attacks for when the boss shows up, and if you are using the fire ring, let the cooldown meter drain all the way while your heroes kill the tenth wave of standard monsters. Then when the boss shows up, flood it with all of your special attacks and (if applicable) fire from the ring.

You can earn scraps and tokens from chests. Scraps are used for upgrading the equipment you earn for your heroes out of chests. The most important equipment to upgrade is Hilt’s due to the massive tapping bonuses, but any equipment upgrades will have an effect. Once your hero has three pieces of equipment, you can spend another batch of scraps for a permanent rarity upgrade to your hero, which provides a permanent stat boost.