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Go Fish!: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Go Fish! is a new idle fishing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You tap once to send your line down, then you swipe to the left and right to change the direction of your line so that you can catch fish. Each fish is worth money, and money can buy upgrades that increase the length of your line and the number of fish that you can catch per casting. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go Fish!

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When you send your line down, look around On the way down before you decide which ones to catch. Look for rare and shiny fish; rare fish look different and are generally bigger than the common ones, while shiny fish look like golden versions of common fish. Try to avoid catching common fish until after you think you have gotten all of the rare and shiny fish.

As far as upgrades ago, the most important upgrade to begin with is the net size upgrade, which allows you to hold more fish at a time on your line. You can simply coast on this upgrade for a while; once you get to the point where you can hold about eight fish on the line, then start upgrading the length of your line so that you can go deeper, which allows you to earn more shiny fish and to catch different types of fish, since different types appear at different depths.

There is absolutely no point in doing any sort of movement right after casting your line. The only movement that matters is the side-to-side movement after your lure drops into the water. There is no technique for going deeper; the only way to go deeper is to add to the depth of your line.

Don’t forget to upgrade your offline income. Although it may not seem like much additional income at first, especially when you come back from 30 minutes gone and you have a little bit of pocket change, offline income can really add up especially when you play after sleeping through the night or another time where are you are off your phone for a long period of time. You can come back to the game and end up being able to purchase many length and strength up grades due to your offline income.

If you are doing something where you can only pay minimum attention to your phone, simply tap and then let the line float up, catching fish as it returns to you. Then do that again and repeat the same thing. Do the same thing over and over again as many times as you want. Even though this will earn you a whole bunch of common fish, you will still earn plenty of money for upgrades to your lines, as well as to your offline income.