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Stack Jump – How to unlock every character in the game

Stack Jump is a new game by Voodoo where your goal is to jump up an ever-growing stack of blocks. You start off as a red bird, but there are a ton of other characters that you can unlock. There is no currency system in this game either; you have to earn every creature manually. Read on for a guide on how to get every single character in the game for Stack Jump!

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Teal alien – Play three games
Blue bird – Play 25 total games overall
Yellow chick – Play 100 games
The Owl – Play 500 Games

Dracula – Score 30 or more points in one single game
Frankenstein – Score 100 or more points in one single game
The Mummy – Score 250 or more points in one single game
Sword Knight – Complete 2 Levels

Axe Knight – Complete 12 Levels
Viking Warrior – Complete 36 Levels
Little Rascals Dog – Jump Perfectly 250 Times
Pig – Jump Perfectly 1,000 times total

Bear – Jump perfectly 5,000 times total
Bok Choy – Jump 500 Times
Eggplant – Jump 2,500 Times
Tomato – Jump 10,000 Times

Robot – Play two days in a row
Yellow Robot – Play four days in a row
Smiling Robot – Play seven days in a row

There are currently no secret mystery characters; however, knowing how Voodoo operates, expect some to be added to the game fairly soon. They always have hidden characters in the game that require secret actions to unlock. When they do, we’ll have all of the information for you.