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WWE SuperCard – How to train and combine your wrestlers

WWE SuperCard is a new card battling game based on all of your favorite WWF, WWE, and even other wrestlers, all for the iOS and Android platforms. Like any self-respecting card battling game, this one has plenty of ways to enhance your cards, such as training your wrestlers and combining them. Both of these will immensely power up your cards, and with the correct use, you can have one of the most powerful teams of any other player.

To train your cards, first, go to the card management screen, pick a card, and hit the “train” button. Then, you can select as many cards as you want to sacrifice for the purpose of training your main card. The more you select, the more experience your gaining card will earn. All of your material cards will be gone after you train your gaining card, though, so make sure to only use cards that you know you don’t want to lose.

Each card has its own maximum experience level, as well, and then you won’t be able to train it anymore. The rarer the card tier, the higher the maximum experience level will be, and if you upgrade your card to a “pro” version of that same card, the upside will be higher, too.

Combining cards will transform two identical cards into the “pro” version of the same card, and will not only provide a stat boost, but drop the card’s level back down to 1. They have to be the same two cards of the same rarity in order to combine them, though.

The higher the level of the two cards when you combine them, the better the effect will be. It’s recommended to upgrade both cards to the maximum experience (or close to it) at first, which will cause the combined card’s base statistics to be sky high despite only being level 1, thus allowing its maximum attributes to be far higher at maximum level.

The biggest stat boost comes in that next upgrade after doing the combining, because your new card will gain experience points rapidly just like when you boosted it for the first time. It’s in this fashion that the right combination of combining and training your cards will cause you to become a powerhouse. Even your common cards will be able to beat rare and super rare cards if you do it right.

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