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NHL SuperCard – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

The iOS and Android SuperCard empire is expanding! First it was WWE, then basketball (kind of) with My NBA 2K16, and now NHL SuperCard picks up where the other two left off by introducing card battles between real NHL players, as cards, playing for real NHL teams. You play against the computer and against other players, and upgrade your card tiers from common to uncommon, rare, super rare, super rare+, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for NHL SuperCard!

First off, make sure that your starting five players are in the right positions. Your wings and center should be in the right positions as should your defenders, and obviously your goalie. There are exceptions to this rule, though; if you have a common player in one position such as RW and two uncommon or rare players in another, such as C, then stick one of your rare two C’s in the RW position until you get a rare or uncommon RW card.

After each round, you will be able to flip and keep between one and three cards. Gradually up the rarity of your card team to upgrade the average rarity of your card draws. Even play players out of position if you need to, as hinted at above, so that you can upgrade your card rarity. Opposing teams will get a little harder to beat as the players will be in that higher tier too, but with the stronger card draws you can still easily defeat opposing teams.

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Be sure to train cards too. Train the high-tier cards that you have, so that you can get rid of the common cards that you don’t need. Each card that you sacrifice will add experience to the gaining card, and will increase all of its statistics at the same time.

Often when you are in a match, the first round will be the one in which the opponent uses its rarest cards. Hit them hardest in this round, using your buff cards and your rarest player cards (if your buff cards match the stats that the round will be scored by). Or you can hit them with your worst cards in this round, take the guaranteed loss, then have easy wins the next two rounds with your rarer cards to take the game.

Pick the player with the most losses when you are choosing who to play against, as they will typically be the one with somewhat weaker cards. The players with a lot of wins will either have stronger cards or a really strong strategy that makes up for their card weakness.