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Epic Heroes Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Epic Heroes tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

The normal dungeons are extremely easy, but once you hit the elite dungeons and the event dungeons, things can get dicey EXTREMELY quickly. If you get off to a bad start in an elite or event battle and you know that you aren’t going to survive, switch the phone into airplane mode before you die to kill your connection, and then go back to the game and it will automatically disconnect you from the dungeon. It will reset to the point right before you went into the dungeon, meaning you’ll get your spent AP back.

To actually win at the tougher elite, master and event dungeons, you’ll need to change how you organize your party. Most importantly, have at least two healers in your party (three is best, though). Then, use the fusion, and use any sunflowers and pumpkins that you have saved up to power up the healers and shamans. Metalibus is a good healer to keep around. Especially keep them around if they have the “heal all” ability.

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Load the rest of your party with cards that have high hit points and high attack (rare cards, especially), and that have already been enhanced by fusion, and ideally, that have been evolved. They will attack while your healers will heal. You might come close to using all 30 turns per round, but you’ll get an actual fighting chance at not dying this way.

Save up the runes that you earn until you have at least 280, and then go do rune summons and you’ll get a rare card of at least 3 stars, if not 4 stars. Once you get the rare card, switch it into your party and enhance it with fusion (this is another good one to use sunflowers and pumpkins on). A highly leveled fusion card will be extremely helpful in elite, master and event battles. These are all worth it though because they will get you the best hero cards, the most coins and the most experience points, as well as the biggest amount of reward runes.

All of these tips (except for the airplane mode tip) work just as well when you are going up against other players later on in the game in the arena mode, too. Frustrate them with a team full of healers and powerful attackers.