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Brave Frontier – How to win without spending any money

Brave Frontier is the latest smash-hit RPG on the iOS and Android platforms. This is a free game, so it’s rife with in-app purchases, such as gems. Fear not, though, because this game is easily playable and winnable without having to spend any real-life money. Read on to find out how to win at Brave Frontier without spending any money!

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and they are the main in-app purchase as well. Most any other premium item or refill is purchased using Gems, and while they are rare in the game, there are ways to earn them for free and to avoid having to spend them.

You can restart a stage using Gems if you lose in battle, but it’s better to avoid losing in battle in the first place. Make sure to load up on the synthesis items before you go into tough battles. Cures, in particular, are not only very useful, but are cheap and easy to craft, as the crafting materials to find them (Green Drops and Green Grass) are extremely common drops.

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Other items will help you in battle as well. Bring antidotes in case your units get poisoned, or tonics, holy water and stimulant for all other ailments. Use Cures and Honor Drops to synthesize Revives, which can bring back a unit whose hit points have been dropped to zero in battle.

Make sure to include healers in your battle party, as well. A healer will usually be of the Oracle type, and will have a Brave Burst special move that will heal everyone in the party. Normally, healers have a slightly weaker attack and health than other types, but if you get a super rare healer, this will obviously not be the case. More than one super rare healer will render you practically unbeatable.

Fusion is the only way to power up your characters in the game by increasing their experience levels. Save up dropped units, and use them as fusion fodder for your normal units. Take advantage of every event that pops up in which you can earn more Metal Ghosts, Metal Kings and Metal Gods, because they will provide your units with insane amounts of experience points, allowing you to very easily max-level your units.

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