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Evolve: Hunters Quest – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Evolve: Hunters Quest is a new puzzle RPG by 2K Sports for the iOS platform. This tie-in with the new shooter Evolve is different than most as it’s not in your face with IAPs or even any sort of currency; instead, you simply quest and progress and do it all over again, gradually powering up your characters and taking on all manner of opponents. Read on for some tips and tricks for Evolve: Hunters Quest!

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Be sure to make use of all of your characters’ skills, which are activated by doing certain combinations of tiles. Five red tiles shields the team; use this one and your characters won’t take damage for a turn or two. Five blue ones activate your medic and heal the team. Five green ones do higher damage to the enemy while five yellows cloak the whole team.

Use each character’s special attack when it becomes available to you to use. It doesn’t count as a turn when you use it so you essentially get a free turn. Time it right and target one enemy consistently to take them out of the game quickly.

Target the weakest enemies first, and the strongest enemies last, because you want to minimize the amount of attacks that are used against you and the fastest way to do that is to decrease the total number of enemies on the screen. Target one enemy at a time so that you can thin the herd as quickly as possible.

Watch out for the bullet and the flame tiles, too. The bullet tiles are a very good thing as these ones will cause your entire team to attack all at once. If you hit five bullet tiles in a row then all of the members of your team will attack all enemies in the enemy party. If you hit the flames, though, you build up the monster attack bar and when it fills up, a monster comes out and annihilates your entire party.

If you want to get more hunters, the way to do so is to play more chapters. Each of the first three chapters is build for a specific set of four hunters. Once you hit chapter four you will be able to create your own team full of your very own selection of hunters. You will still be limited to one hunter of each class, but they can be whichever hunters you want wiithin that limit.