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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign! Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is a match of two completely different genres that surprisingly works – the match three genre a la Candy Crush Saga, and the linear RPG genre that is best exemplified by Marvel Avengers Alliance. There really aren’t any games like it today on the app store (Puzzle and Dragons has a similar concept but the execution is completely different), but it’s a genre that is highly addicting. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign!

Right when you start off you will be introduced to the battle system. The idea here is to swap two tiles in order to make a three-piece combo out of one specific color. The combinations can be either up and down or left and right. Each combination that you make does a specified amount of damage to an enemy, which can be seen by tapping on one of your heroes (this shows the damage that each tile does). Tap on an enemy to see how much damage they would do to you with a combo (usually irrelevant).

Each hero has a set of powers that they can use in battle when they rack up enough AP for a certain color of tile. Iron Man, for example, uses 10 AP from red tile to launch the Repulsor Blast, which does a large amount of damage to one enemy. Any time that a power is used, it doesn’t count as a turn, so you can string together massive amounts of powers, as long as you have the AP for them. Each tile that you clear builds up one AP of that color.

Your characters attack one after the other, in a specified order the entire time. Enemy characters attack in a nonspecific fashion. They will place a countdown tile on the board, and if the countdown reaches 0, one enemy character will unleash an attack. If you clear this tile, the attack won’t happen.

You can target any enemy that you want, at any time. Tap on the enemy character side in order to change the target. It’s generally recommended to attack the enemy character who does the most damage, or who has a healing power, although it can also be a good strategy to start with the weakest enemy character with the least amount of hit points, in order to minimize the amount of potential attack tiles that appear on screen at once.

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