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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is a new match three puzzle-combat game that blends elements of games such as Candy Crush Saga with Marvel’s Avenger’s Alliance. It’s not done in the same way as Puzzle & Dragons and its countless clones are – rather, it’s done in a completely original blend of styles that might find itself getting ripped off by future games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign!

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After each battle, it will take some time for your characters to recover. You can speed up the recovery process easily by setting the time ahead on your phone or other device, if you don’t want to spend any of your free heals. Alternatively, you can get your free heals back by setting the time ahead as well. If you set the time back to normal, though, you’ll lose the added hit points.

Remember which colors on the board go with which special attacks for your characters. Focus on trying to eliminate the colors that go with the special attacks (such as red for Iron Man’s Repulsor Blast). Each tile that you eliminate gives you one AP, and once you rack up enough AP, you can use those attacks. Use tile shattering attacks such as Storm’s Lightning Strike to rack up more AP quickly for every other attack that you have.

If you have an available four or five tile combination, though, then use that even if you won’t get any AP for it. You’ll eliminate a whole line of tiles with a four tile attack, which will give you a jackpot of AP for everything that you eliminate and set up more automatic combos (as well as do a lot of damage). Five tile combos will not only eliminate an entire line of tiles, but they will give you a free turn as well, and do a HUGE amount of damage to enemies.

Iso-8 is usually in short supply in this game. To get more Iso-8, replay the single player missions, because if you have already earned the available prizes, you’ll have a high chance of earning more Iso-8. Also, participate in the multiplayer battles for a chance to win large quantities of Iso-8.

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