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Dragons World – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Dragons World is the latest in the dragon-rearing genre for the iOS and Android, taking the Dragon City school of gameplay and transferring it over to 3D for the first time. Your goal is to raise dragons and breed all manner of rare ones, then use them in battle against each other if you choose to, or if not, you can just watch your collection of islands and dragons grow! Read on for the top twelve tips and tricks for Dragons World!

12) Max out your dragon habitats as soon as you can.
Every time that you gain a level, you will add to the maximum amount of dragon habitats that you can have. Even if you don’t have the money for the newest habitat, buy a different habitat (a cheaper one) so that you can complete the quest that goes with maxing it out, and so that you can earn more gold easily.

11) Buy more of the habitats which earn more maximum coins.
This means especially the earth and water habitats, and to a lesser extent the nature ones, and later on, the magic and twilight habitats. You can go longer without checking the game, so that when you come back later, you can collect loads of coins. Fire habitats and other low coin habitats earn gold rapidly, but level off just as quickly.

10) Use hybrids to maximize the amount of coins that you earn.
Breed a fast earner (like a fire type) with a high maximum gold type (like an earth type), then place it in the high maximum gold habitat (in this case, the earth type) to get the best of both worlds. Plus, hybrids are almost always stronger in battle.

9) Use elemental advantages for easy wins in battle.
Water beats fire, fire beats air, air beats earth, earth beats nature, and nature beats water. Magic beats light, light beats twilight, and twilight beats night. Hybrids will take on the strengths and weaknesses of all of their types, and if a strength and a weakness of two different types contradict each other (for example, a water and air type dragon will be both strong and weak against fire), they’ll simply cancel each other out.

8) Level up hybrid dragons for easy battle wins.
This only applies to hybrids which can actually fight (some hybrids can’t – look in the market and the ones without a sword next to their pictures can’t battle). Level them up with food. Once they pass level five or so, each level up will provide HUGE stat boosts. A level 11-13 hybrid will be able to beat literally anybody.

7) Make the best use of space that you can.
Move all of your habitats close together. Stick your greenhouses into little spaces in between trees and rocks, and get rid of said trees and rocks whenever you are able to. Save up your gold so that you can buy a new island whenever you unlock it. Sell any decorations that you don’t need to make more space and to earn more gold.

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