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Dragons World – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Dragons World tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

An easy way to gain experience points quickly – a cheat, if you will – is to put a decoration on your map, then sell it, then repeat the same thing over and over again. You gain experience any time that you buy anything, and decorations don’t take any time to show up. Then, they can be sold again for half of what you bought them for. It’s slightly tedious but if you want to merely unlock more habitats extremely quickly, then it’s an extremely effective tactic.

The same works for any of the quests that require you to place decorations (and there are a surprising amount of them). Say you need to place four of the same decoration. Place one of it, then sell it, then place it, sell it, etc. until you do it four times. Not only will you only spend half the coins doing so (potentially making a profit depending on if the quest earns you coins or not), but you will end up having far more space that you can use to build useful stuff, such as greenhouses and habitats.

For the above trick, you will need to mix and match to figure out which of the decorations earn you the most experience for the lowest amount of coins spent. For example, if you buy the wooden well, it will earn you 2,500 experience points, while costing 5000 gold. However, if you buy the Large Tree, you will earn 2,000 experience points, and it will only cost you 2,000 gold. Try to find the decoration that earns you the most experience relative to the spent gold.

Quests aren’t the only way to earn free rewards such as gold and crystals in the game. Make sure to also check back every day even if you don’t plan to play, because daily rewards are available every 24 hours, and they increase as the days continue. Also, check the achievements which are under the ‘red ribbon’ icon. These will earn you loads of experience points and crystals just for completing them.

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Also, watch out for the island with the Elemental Chest to appear about once a day. It will appear for only half an hour or so at a time, and you will need three different dragons of various combinations, and all of them to be at level five, in order to earn the elemental chest. Once you get the elemental chest, you will earn free coins and crystals as a reward.

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