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Bacon’s Revenge – Best Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Bacon’s Revenge, also known previously as Backpack Piggy, is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a pig who unleashes a nearly endless amount of weapons against slimes, and you can fill your backpack with weapons and upgrade them, earn gold coins and gems and other goodies, while opening chests and using weapon prayers to unlock rarer and more powerful weapons. You can even unlock more and more advanced challenges as you make your way farther into the game.

Continue reading for a collection of the best tips and tricks for Bacon’s Revenge!

Between refreshing, filling your squares, adding new squares, and more, you have plenty of opportunities to fill your backpack, with more opportunities in between each wave. You will be able to merge items together in order to get higher-level versions of the same item, which will multiply the entire attack power (or in the case of the hat and the shield, healing and armoring power) by two.

With some of these, though, you will be better served keeping multiples of the same weapon because the attack power is also augmented by the attack power of your character. So when space and weapons are limited, keep multiples of the same weapon, especially when it’s the boomerang and the tooth rake, as these are the only area-damage weapons, which makes them EXTREMELY valuable.

As hinted at above, the tooth rake (with the piercing upgrade) and the boomerang are by far the most valuable of the weapons because of the amount of area damage that they do. Every other weapon only hits one enemy and then disappears. Get rid of other weapons in order to make them fit into your backpack, if you have to.

When you are building your weapon loadout, don’t just pay attention to the overall rating or the rarity rating for a specific weapon. Read the damage rating for it as well as the cool-down time, because sometimes a common weapon can be far better than a rare weapon (for example, the longsword is better than the bow and arrow despite being common, and despite the bow and arrow being rare). Check the squares that are taken up, too. For example, the ninja stars are hugely valuable, because while damage is medium, they only take up one square, so they can be squeezed anywhere.

Do the weapon prayer as often as possible using your gold coins (the non-premium game currency) so that you can upgrade your weapons. Each weapon takes blueprints and weapon parts in order to upgrade the weapon itself, and you can not only greatly increase the damage, but also frequently decrease the cooldown time.

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When you play the daily challenge, all of the effects of your equipment and weapon upgrades disappear, but you do keep all of the weapons that you had available to begin with. So when you have an available daily challenge, give yourself every advantage possible by maxing out on boomerangs and rakes, using the hat and shield to heal and increase your armor, and generally make the smartest strategic moves possible. And ALWAYS watch the advertisement videos for extra squares when you have a chance to.

If the rake seems useless at first, just wait until you gain a level and a power-up shows up that gives the rake a piercing ability. Not only will it cut through enemies and move onto the next enemy behind them, it will even damage the same enemy multiple times, allowing you to do an astronomical amount of damage with it and making it truly overpowered.

Be sure to use any redeem codes that you might come across in order to get rare weapons, more gems and gold coins, and other bonuses. Codes generally last for a limited amount of time, but give you benefits that can drive you forward a lot quicker within the game.