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Idle Town Master – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Friend Invite Codes, and Strategy Guide

Idle Town Master is a new city management game for the iOS and Android Will you start with a small peasant town in a fantasy setting and upgrade to larger and larger towns. You can collect things such as lumber, stone, planks, food, and more, get gifts from the witch using monster eyes, dig in the quarry, and a whole lot more.

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Your collection of resources depends on two things: the upgrade level of your resource producing facility and the number of villagers that you have assigned to it. Sawmills produce wood, farms produce food, quarries produce stone, and carpentry shops produce planks. Upgrade them, then rank them up in order to multiply their output, then assign more villagers to them in order to multiply their output yet again.

You tend to collect a lot of monster eyes overtime, so take them to the witch frequently; don’t save them for a rainy day. The witch will be able to tell your fortune if you give her a monster eye, and this will result in you earning a significant amount of resources. Not only that, but you will also have an advertisement video option that will allow you to multiply the resources by a massive amount, such as X8 or X 12. Take the ad advertisement video option literally every time; it’s worth it even if you don’t need the resources immediately, because you’re going to need them later.

Your fortune will sometimes be a sword card, which will also allow you to rob other players. When you attack other players’ territory, target one building at a time so that you destroy as many buildings as possible. You will earn a significant amount of resources, and you will also be able to double your resources earned by watching an advertisement video here, as well.

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Other mini games include excavation, which allows you to use pickaxes in order to dig for upgrade materials, resources, and other goodies. As you advance further into the game, play as many of these mini games as frequently as possible in order to progress fast.

Be sure to stay focused on completing the three immediate quests at the top of the screen. As you complete them and clear them, they will be replaced with more quests until the progress bar fills up. When the progress bar fills up all the way, then you will be able to move onto the next village, which will be larger, and will retain all of your prior construction and progress.

Be sure to pick a username from the game so that you will be able to add friends. You can add friends if you have their friend code; you can’t find the front codes from within the game, but you can trade them in person or online so be sure to use the comments section of this article to find friend codes and invite codes, and to post your own!