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Shop Titans – Complete Town, Resources, and Buildings Guide

Shop Titans is Kabam’s new game that takes the standard RPG shop trope and puts you in charge of the shopkeeper instead of the heroes, making for an interesting spin on the genre. You can craft new items, sell them, and discover all-new blueprints, but the most interesting part of the game is the collaborative investing.

To get the most out of the game, you have to join a town, where you and other players can collaboratively upgrade your buildings. You can build up your resource-gathering, level up your heroes, and even add more players to your town.

Read on for some tips and tricks for building your town, upgrading your buildings, maximizing your resources, and more in Shop Titans!

Before you do anything else, download Shop Titans on Bluestacks so that you can play on your desktop or laptop. Mac or PC, you can link your account to your iOS or Android account, so that you can keep playing without having to use your phone.

The first step, if you have not done so already, is to join a town. If you do join a town, you can also easily leave it for a new town if your teammates aren’t playing much. Your investments will follow you from the old town to the new town, so there’s no need to worry about losing your investments.

Once you’re there, one of the most important buildings is your Town Hall. Upgrading the level of the Town Hall means that more people will be able to join your city, and the more people you have in your city, the more people who will be able to invest along with you, so the faster everything else will level up.

Resource buildings are the most basic buildings to upgrade, because you need resources for all of your crafts. You can invest in the Iron Mine to increase your output of Iron, your Tannery to increase output of Leather, your Lumberyard to increase your output of Wood, and your Garden to increase the output of Herbs.

These buildings will all gather their resources automatically. As you increase their levels, you will be able to both increase the output of the resource buildings, as well as increase the maximum of every resource that you have. This goes for both you and your town mates.

Resources, of course, are the key to your crafting, as you’ll see when you start crafting so heavily that you’ll run out your resources. You’ll just have to wait for the resources to return at that point, so increasing the levels of the resource buildings will help you stay in the crafting game longer and get back into it faster.

Once you get far enough into the game, you’ll be able to start working with Steel, Fabric, Ironwood, and Oil as your new resources. You’ll get the Smelter to make Steel, your Weaver Mill to increase Fabric, your Ironwood Sawmill to get Ironwood, and your Oil Press to get Oil.

These new resources become available when you start unlocking higher-tier items; they’re required to craft them, and they’re using along with your primary resources to craft said items.

You don’t generally need to worry about unlocking or upgrading the secondary resource buildings until you unlock blueprints for the items that need them. But at the same time, try to keep coins around for when you need to unlock and upgrade those buildings.

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Another important set of buildings to upgrade is your worker buildings, because they’ll lead to faster crafting across the board. Allan’s Wood Workshop, Maribel’s Apothecary, Grimar’s Wizard Tower, and Julia’s Tailor Workshop are your main worker buildings to upgrade.

Once you get to tier 5-7 items (the ones that require secondary resources), you’ll need to unlock and upgrade Theodore and his Master Lodge in order to help with some of the crafting.

Two other buildings allow you to unlock entirely new categories of items. The Temple and Freyja allow you to craft Amulets, while the Jewel Workshop and Katarina allow you to unlock Rings. These two allow you to craft new items to sell, as well as to fill new equipment slots for your heroes.

Your special buildings range from very important to less important. The Town Hall, as we went over earlier, is by far the most important simply because it helps with every other upgrade that you can do. The more players are in your town, the more people who can invest in upgrades.

Beyond that, hire Naya and unlock the Tavern and you’ll be able to increase loot gains from quests. The Training Hall is manned by Argon, and increases the maximum levels that you’re able to upgrade your heroes to, but you don’t really need to do anything to this until you actually have max-level heroes.

The Emerald Inn is run by Oscar; this reduces the cooldown rate after your heroes go on a quest, so this allows you to do more quests in less time. This is especially important if you are low on heroes, but make sure to have as many heroes as possible.

So in order of importance: Town Hall first, then Primary Resources, then Secondary Resources, then Workers, then New Item Buildings (for rings and amulets), then everything else, in order of importance. But make sure to try to keep everything upgraded overall to have the best and most productive town that you possibly can.


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